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Hey, bit of a nooby question but i've never used USB sticks with the 360 so just wanted to make sure of something.

I know that when using a USB you have to format to the xbox but what i want to know is, does it only format for that console or can it then be used on other 360's?

Basicly what i want to do is i'm going to be buying the gears of war 3 console in september and i have the 250GB slim at the moment so i was going to format a USB stick to my console store as much stuff as i can on it and then transer it over to my new Gears console. Would i be able to do that?


Any 360 should read the formatted USB drive.

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Yeah, you'll be able to transfer the profiles, games, installed discs and DLC from one to the other doing that. I would reccomend getting at least an 8gb stick. I got a 4GB one that was too small to transfer my Borderlands installed content.

Any Xbox 360 should be able to read them as long as the have been formatted to use with the 360.

Also any USB  flash drive should work, as long as they are at least 1GB. It is also capped at 16GB per flash drive.

Am I correct in assuming that the new console you are going to buy is a 250GB slim like the one you already have (but with minor differences)? Because if it is you might be better off just swaping the hard drives over, if it isn't a slim though you can ignor this.

As long as the usb device has been formatted, then any Xbox 360 can read them. I actually used a 16GB usb to transfer my game saves from my old hard drive to the new one i bought.

@Outofthi5world  no the Gears console has a 320GB hard drive and i will be selling the console i have now before i get my new one so i need to store the main things on a USB stick.

Thanks for the answers guys

Sonic, what do you mean by capped at 16 GB?

I have a friend who wants to use a flash drive to store alot of his game data on a new slim he's getting and wanna inform him if he cant.

Xbox 360 can only access 16gb on each flash drive. So if you are using say a 32gb drive the xbox will format it as 16gb.