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Could I likely find a used racing wheel at Gamestop? How much do you think it would cost? What model is best? I'm looking for a Forza 3/4 compatible wheel. I really don't want to bust my budget on this either.


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Best wheels available for the 360 are those from Fanatec...the prices aren't what you'd call cheap, but in my experience with them, you do get what you pay for.


There are also a couple of options available from MadCatz, though I don't really know much about them and can't say whether they're any good or not.


There may be a few lesser-known options available, but as far as I'm aware, the ones above are the only currently "officially" licensed ones.


You may be able to pick up one of the discontinued Wireless Microsoft Wheels on ebay or something, but honestly I'd be cautious with used wheels in general.  It's all too easy for someone to sell you something with a bad belt drive or a busted fan or something and then you're not only out of money, but unless you're technically savvy and can fix it on your own, you're out of luck too.

This new Wireless sped wheel is getting great reviews by peopleon NeoGAF gaming forums, this is the one I'm going for and the price is right.

You can also get the wireless wheel used at amazon, I would'nt pay $500.00 for a new one .

If your gonna spend that kind of money you might as well get a fanatec wheel.