Use the Waking Dreams Black Book more than once???

How many times can you use the waking dreams black book???

Is it infinite, or is there a certain number of times you can use it.

Is there a certain time limit or cooldown you must wait to use it again, like once every 24 hours or something???

I asked because when i tried to use the book again, I got some message, saying something in the words of "nothing happened" on the screen when I tried to read the book. 

I hope I can use it as many times as I want, this can save me the time of having to create multiple characters doing the same quest just to do a different play style. And this gives me the opportunity to try out perks I always wanted to try but didn't want to waste the perks.

I got like 17 dragon souls, so I got some perk playing around I could do. 


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Upon reaching the end of the Black Book's trials and defeating Miraak, constelation glyphs for each of the skills will appear in a ring around the center of the former battlefield. By interacting with any of the glyphs the Dragonborn may clear perks spent on a skill in exchange for one Dragon Soul. One soul will remove all perks in the tree and can be repeated on any of the skill glyphs unlimited times.

Were you on Solstheim? The books only work on Solstheim, not in Skyrim.

Good to know Jelldernaut.. Thanks

No problem. I found that out when I tried to go back and re-spec while in Skyrim, and reading the book just gave me a message like "A vision of Solstheim swims before your eyes." or some such. Went back to Raven Rock and it worked.

Good to know. I didn't think of that either.