USA vs EU Live Event

Watching it now. Game looks good on the Xbox One. Can't wait for it to drop. Its on the dashboard if anyone is interested but I think its almost over.


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Obliteration was fantastic to watch , im getting a PS4 but it looked fantastic on the xbone . 64 players and 60 fps :)

Shame Europe lost :P

Yeah I think Obliteration was my favorite to watch. Its like non stop action. Should be great on both systems. I was curious how it would look since the conventions were apparently PCs but it looks great. USA!

Was a good little show really enjoyed it, I only caught it towards the end of the obliteration match so going to watch it properly later when it goes up fully. Looked great fun on next gen.

Yeah I came in about halfway through match too. They said on demand stream should be available soon.

Lol, PC pubstars playing console and they call it "competitive". It's like grabbing the console players and broadcasting them as the best PC players around.