US region servers - wishing for a region lock

the server rules say nothing about banning players for being out side your region
but every time my self and friend noticed a game issue and supecting LAG and checking players we would find some player out side the US in the game
(did not have problems with canada or mexico too much) and as soon as the player from outside north america was banned the game would stop having issues and pick up again... like no more players sliding around the map or rubber banding when moving or went a big battle of many players in the same area.

well my friend was suspended by ea because i guess they think it's hate
this is a Latency issue and not a hate issue for banning foreigners from a rented server

but because of the limit of bans you can have we cleared the ban list every day (it was a one month server)

it was funny at times because of the messages that came from people who cried over being banned, but if they knew that they would be unbanned maybe this would not be such a problem but people get so hurt from rejection even when its only temporay.

the other rules were ones aloud by ea like playing the objective, staying out of the spawn home base deployments of the enemy team. (cant enforce that on CTF)
but breaking them we would only kick players and if they came back and griefed over the kick then they would get banned but the better players would come back and play the objective and stop trolling.

i tried joining other regions but for me i don't get over 3 bars for any server outside the US. this causes me lag and i find my self with more lag disadvamtages than lag advantage.


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You do realise that people playing in the correct region can still cause lag?  It's a ping lock you want.  People below a certain ping level can't join the servers.  That will not only eliminate people from outside the server with high ping, but it will also eliminate people with high ping in the correct region.

^ I agree.  I'm surprised the amount of people here that actually BAN players because of their locale.  


I play out of region because I have friends elsewhere.

I understand but at the same time that's why I bought an xbox. I wouldn't buy the game if they incorporated a region lock.

if the game showed the other player pings then that would have been how we would have banned players but for now it's just best to kick out players outside the area, since we never had good good pings with servers outside the usa ,we did not expect any one from outside the region to have a good ping back so they got banned good ping or not.

yeah we ban then but because the ban list limited the number of bans, we have to clear it out every day.

i hope your wish comes true.  We instaban non- us players on our servers.  We find the biggest lag  issues when theres more than 1 and usually from brazil or Asia.  

We outside of   the USA are not Palestinians, you cant apartheid us . We will take over your servers and move our extended family into your homes.

I see many from Brazil so many that i wonder why there is not a server for their region i've even found rented servers in the us for Brazil players only.

but what is messed up is my friend got his account suspended for 2 weeks just because we banned people from out side the USA. They claimed racism i guess because before the ban my friend told me he was getting messages from those players calling him that, in their griefer messages. But the funny thing is because of the ban number limit we would clear out the ban list every day, so if only those cry babies knew that it was not a permanent ban just temporary when we were playing in the game, but we had many warnings in the server description and welcome message and it was nothing that seemed Hateful.

we have in the title Team Chat but how can you chat with people who don't read or speak the same language.

we let the Canadians stay, and would have like to keep other english speakers but since they do cause lag on the US servers they got kick banned.

yeah the worst lag would happen when there would be a player from japan, england and brazil too many connections from far off places.
and i know that is a problem because there have been times when i've noticed the US west and east servers will even have better connections compared to eachother.