Us lefties (The superior race)...

As I'm sure you know, Skyrims combat is based off of your left hand, right hand, and mouth (shouts). Shouts obviously can only come from speaking, but they say your two hands you can carry anyhting. Two weapons, one weapon, a weapon and shield/spell, two spells, etc. The only restriction I know of is no double shields. BUT, you should then be able to choose to hold a shield/support spell in your right hand and weapon in the left, or just a weapon in the left, etc. Could Skyrim be one of the few (only?) non-dominant hand discriminatory games out there?


Skyrim is ahead of the curve if that's the case, after all we lefties are superior and will one day rule the world. We just have to wait for a plague that only we are immune to to come around, like in Left 4 Dead (Hello? LEFT 4 dead? All the survivors are obviously closet lefties) or how some theorize about the black death (and Dead Island) and O-type blood being immune. Our crack team of leftie scientists are getting closer every day...  When our armies march through the decrepit streets and crumbling buildings built by now crushed right hands we will show Bethesda mercy. Perhaps...


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Your posts just get better and better. This is great.

Anyway, seriously now, the restrictions are actually pretty bad. You can hold a one hander in your left hand, but can't put a shield or torch in your right. Bows have to be held in your left hand. Can't switch it up. Right handers still get all the love.

What??? I bet you will want to go to the same schools as us rightys as well? thats poppycock and you know it!

Well then, Bethesda can have ONE survivor for the one weapon layout that can be lefty.


I actually think with bows you draw with your dominant hand so holding the actual bow in the left would be righty...not sure though I've only fired a bow once in my life


Theres my suggestion for the last minute idea thread...equality  >_>


NO I don't want our pureblooded children to go to school with you trash, I want our children to go to school and your kind to mop the damned halls. Furthermore, poppycock is a good thing, haven't you ever seen America's Got Talent?

This thread is asking to get trolled to the point of it being locked.

Must...Resist...The Urge...

By definition, this thread is a troll thread, just not the dbag kind. This one is actually clever.

A clever troll? I thought I was the only one of my kind.

I hear wedding bells.

It isn't a trolling thread, I'm bringing up a legitimate point. I'm just presenting it with plenty of colorful bells and whistles and sweepstakes you'll never win and coupons and dancing bears and whatnot.

so now we arent worthy of of your little sweeps stakes eh? Thats the last straw, when I get skyrim im cutting EVERYONES left hand off.

What about we ambidextrous folk? What place do we have in the New World Order? If we conform to using our left hand dominantly, will we be granted a place?

Marry my dark elf, Miss Pwny?


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