Upstream Bandwidth Warning

A few days ago I got a new 4port modem, so that I don't have to keep unplugging and re-pluggig the patch cable between the PC an the Xpox (not a typo).

I noticed that there was now a warning about Upstream Bandwith which was not there with the old modem. On the Reach main screen press the start button. the next page has 3 sections down the right hand side.

The top one is for Upstream Bandwidth and says, Warning (in red) - Less than optimal networking conditions. Mathchmaking and gameplay will be slow.

The next is for NAT. Open green OK.

The last is for Packet Loss. Low green OK.

So, I swapped the modems over and checked again. Hmmm, the warning was there now with old modem too.

Course of action:

1. Open ports on new modem for both port forwarding and port triggering.

2. Set Xpox IP/Netmask/ etc to same settings as new modem.

3. Check all cables for integrity....OK.

4. Do speed test on PC to check new modem is sening recieving at expected rates...

.......ADSL2/2+ (with M annex enabled) = 8321 / 867 kbps, latency = 25ms.

Ok, I think, considering my distance from the exchange (about 3500m as the wire goes)

So, being at my wits end with this warning and slow/laggy gameplay (which by the way had not changed, there was just a warning there now), I get on the phone to Xpox support. I tell them all of this and they say there shoud be no problem. I go into great detail in describing the warning and am told they'd not had that before.

So, I ask what the optimal upstream banwidth is....1500kbps I'm told.


Cable isn't available where I live, and 700 to 1000kbps is about the average nationwide for ADSL2/2+.

JHC, no wonder we are seen by the world as parochial......we are!

Is anyone else in Aus / NZ, who is on ADSL getting this warning? Are your speeds comparable to mine?

Should I kill the Xpox with a 3 pound dumphammer? (not joking here, either)

Replies will be welcomed. Cheers.


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Notice on the bottom of that screen how it says something like "This is a reflection of your connection over a period of time". That message is also quite inaccurate. My download speed is something a little higher than 30 mbps and my upload is over 20. I have no such issues with my connection or my bandwidth, yet I also have this warning on my connection page.


I'm from the U.S. however. But I don't know what server that page bases it's information from.


Point is, I wouldn't worry about it unless you see noticeable differences in gameplay. More lag than usual, being booted randomly out of host migrations, etc. Otherwise, pay no attention to that page and enjoy the game!

Im getting the same problems and when i go into a game the connection jumps around from 4 bars to 1 constantly HELP!

Hmm. How are the other statuses on the connection page for you? Are they both green and ok? The connection jumping could be a problem with either your connection, or the connection of the host. Since Xbox Live is peer to peer, the game heavily relies on the connection of the host console. If it selects a host with a less than optimal connection, everyone in the game will experience lag and connection fluctuations. Does it happen nearly every game for you, or is it more of a periodic thing?

If you're going from four to one, there's something wrong.


Every game means it's very likely to be your connection, and that's probably because someone's on your network while you're playing games.


You could also be capped, I suppose, but that's probably less likely.


I30, it means nothing. Noble's right, and basically, just ignore it. It means nothing at all.


If your connection is dropping out/noticeably worse, then there could be a problem, but that's unlikely since you're running the 460 straight to the router, which is better than through the PC.

i have the same deal its been getting worse as i go

I don't know if it's my modem or not..   It's like this no mater what way i'm online..    

I think the Warning message is just a poor indicator and we're putting too much importance on it.  I have the same problem with it as Ilharious.  If there's something I need to do to speed up my upstream bandwith, they should tell me.  But at least they could not freak everyone out with a warning that makes it look like your trying to hook up with two cans and a piece of string.

I have the warning message on the Upstream Bandwith and i have no problems playing online.

my upload speed is much worse 200 kbp/s.  I haven't had a real connection since I played halo2.  lots of BS happens with this connection.  melee with bomb usually doesn't work, sword kills don't work, takes three or four shots with sniper to kill, but the most ridiculous thing is grifball players can kill me from a mile away.  i've played like 8000 halo 3 games like this.  it blows!