uploading photos

Can someone help me upload photos, I would like to uplaod a photo to set as my gamer picture but im having no luck


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You can't use anything for a gamer picture other than the icons that came with your Xbox, the ones available on the marketplace, or the the ones you create with your avatar in the avatar editor.

The only way you can use your own image is if you have the old camera. I haven't tried it with the Kinect but with the old camera I took a picture of a drawing I made and my wife held up a photo of herself and snapped a pic. You can then use that as your gamerpic. However as Trip said above, it's useless because the only people who can see it are you and your friends. Outside of that it's going to only show strangers your default Xbox live approved gamer pics from MS or the marketplace.

Ahh...right, I forgot about the Xbox Live Vision Camera.  Been a while since I've used that for...well...anything, really. lol

Yet another reason for me to buy Kinect.

Unfortunately, I put my pic on my posts, haha.

You can not take a pic like that with the Kinect. Unless they have changed it the vision cam is the only way.