Uploading 8.1 Megapixel photos. Where is it?!

Hello folks, hope all of you are enjoying the new FM as much as I am.

I have been messin' around with the camera (because the cars just look awesome) and I saw this thing at the bottom of the screen where it said 'RB .9 Megapixel' well so I pressed the right bumper and it turns out you can take 8.1 megapixel pictures and upload them.  Well problem is that I can't find my picture nowhere (limit is 1 8.1 picture) on the Forza website.  I went under 'My Forza' but it's still not there and I uploaded the picture 5 hours ago.  Am I doing something wrong or is the feature not working or what's going on?

Any help is appreciated! Thank's!  


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Mk, I found my 8.1 Megapixel picture.  It's in BMP format and it's 23.7 MB's

...but at least I found it.

How did you end up accessing it?

I think you can only see them at forza.net with the big files

Go to your My Forza.  Click "View All" next to your pictures.  On the right hand side there's a column, at the bottom with be a Download link for your 8.1mp picture.  You need to download them within a day or so from when you upload them.

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Their is no view all for me, i uploaded my pictures twice now. This *** sucks

Upload a regular picture first and then it should give you the option to see your 8.1 Megapixel picture.