upgrading staff of herding

No idea where or how to upgrade the console version of the staff. quartermaster shuld have plans but ive tried 20 times and none. please let me know how to upgrade the staff on xbox.


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and repeat when your ready for hell and so on

I went straight for the Infernal Staff and am still unsure about the reasons to clear Whimseyshire...I'm playing my paragon 13 wizard on inferno, master level 3 and unless I'm missing something (hopefully lol) I don't see much point in doing it more.

Help me out here...

Once you have made the staff, enter and clear the whole map in whimshire. I took the teleporter thing at the end to be sure. After that, go to the next difficulty Act 4, quest: Prime evil, Begin quest. Then go buy the next plans off Gorell the Quartermaster. Upgrade the staff at the blacksmith, rinse and repeat.

nvm, found it at quartermaster finally, act 4 nightmare after fighting izual again looking for it. FINALLY! NIGHTMARE PONIES!