Upgrading BF4 from XB360 to XB One version in Australia???

Does anyone know what is happening with upgrading Battlefield 4 from XB360 to XB One version in Australia??? 

Is it going to be the same as for the UK and US where they pay a small amount ~ $10 to upgrade? XB One is out in 2 days, surely they know what is to happen re the upgrade. I wont buy XB One until I know the answer.


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wtf I bought xbox one.but have bf4 on 360, now they want me to buy bf4 again.no upgrade ***.

Sorry gang its not happening EA has shafted us once more. No upgrade in AUS.:-(

???  why would it be different?  basing the purchase of a $500 gaming console on one game is whack.  EA would be a great resource, did you try them?