Upgrade Xbox 360 to Xbox One


My Xbox 360 is broken so I upgraded to the Xbox One. I have CoDAW and a season pass. Do I need to purchase CoD again? Can I transfer my season pass to the xbox one version? Thanks.


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There was an offer that the 360 season pass and the digital version of the game would automatically transfer over to the xbox one. although the offer may have expired now.

check the xbox store. The season pass will show as free if it has transferred over. or might just say install now.

If a price is listed then yes you will have to buy it again or wait for the backwards compatibility update so you can play the 360 version of COD on your xbox one.

Well not play exactly. No one knows what titles will be included in the backwards compatibility emulator.  Right now is just a handful of really old popular titles.

@Axemator, not even answering the question they asked.  

Yes your season pass should transfer over to the xbox 1 but you have to go through the ingame store. If you click on the dlc it should say "You have already purchased this dlc, would you like to redownload"

@Mr Durva ,Just correcting the post above me as you cannot play every title on the emulator.  No sense getting the OP incorrect information :)