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i just turned to warent officer grade 3 in only 3 or 4 mounths might sound rubbish to some people but for me its greate


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general ranks....dang.  Me, I'm rather slothing through Colonel, now grade 1 just to get up there because I really need the credits for the inclement weather armor effect, plus trying to figure out what would be the most effective way to gain and group more credits together faster or whatever.  At 1st I was thinking possibly campaign matchmaking, which I realize if you don't finish all the way through, and I don't know how many people actually do, most likely doesn't get you any credits, so I'm still 50/50 on that 1 for now.  Challenges and commendations are obviously the other ways but as far as commendations, honestly, I feel that mine are most likely only going to increase in baby steps here and there as far as with my current skill.

General isn't too bad. The lower grades I slipped through. I'm a grade 4 now and it takes 350,000 to rank up.

I've been working on Hero for 1.5 months, but then again I've only played about 10 games of MM in the last 1.5 months.

I suppose that's true, too, though it seems to just take longer to get em each match, even in a full playlist like big team battle.  FireFight arcade is an OK way to get a semi-decent amount, but not many, which is why every now and then I'm wondering if campaign in matchmaking could possibly get me that general handful of credits, if not more.  It's kinda like back when I got to Captain- (possibly) Lt Colonel.  I think part of it too is when I check them, like in multiplayer, a lot of my commendations appear somewhat unbalanced.

While I agree withh Bob...the fact of the matter is that steady playing, hitting challenges, and accomplishing commendations will get you there.


It is (by the numbers) a longer journey than many other ranks...but even at a lower level, it's quickly do-able.  Not everyone has all day to play...so that may be the OP's hinderance...but getting the 1,000 Kills for this week's WEEKLY challenge nets a cool 15,000 CR.  That's roughly a quarter of the way there just in its own right.


This may be off...It's been a while...but I thought Commander was one of the first levels where rank unlocked certain armor combinations.  If that thought is correct, then it's understandable why this is the toughest rank to get early on.

congrats! I thought I would never make it out of WO. Then Captain...

For me, Major to Lt.Colonel was horrible. Probably because I wanted the Robotic arm sooo much. :3

wtf? how can it possibly take that long? most lower ranks only take 2 or 3 days if you play 2 to 3 hours a DAY. however when you get above colonel, it starts to take longer to move up a grade depending on how much you play in a day. mine is about a week, average

get ready.... WO Grade 3 is just about the longest rank to get through

Warrant Officer ---> Captain ---> Major ---> Lt. Colonel ---> Commander ---> Colonel....


Warrant Officer isn't right before it but as far as my memory goes it is the first rank to require more CR than Warrant Officer Grade 3. I believe it's Commander Grade 3 to Colonel that takes 100, 000 CR.

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