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Nooob here (Flashman1961)


I have just purchased xbox 360 and ES:Skyrim.  How do I arrange download to flashdrive or CD/DVD (I have no internet connection at home and must visit INet Cafe to download) for this game?


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My friend in remote Montana takes his console to an Internet cafe that allows him to SCHEDULE a time to use an Ethernet or wireless connection AND HDTV monitor. Not sure if INet allows this? He takes his console, power cord, controller and television connection cable with him.

You will need at least an XBL SILVER acct (free) to do this method.

Or you could use the PC you are using to ask this question and a thumb drive formatted by your console.... it looks tricky, and you would need an account on "Horizon", but it seems to accomplish what you are are trying to get done. Not sure if this would get your console a ban or not, but it does not sound like that would be an issue for you if you are not using it to connect to XBL.




Or ask Bing/Google your question? Best of luck flashman.

Still waking up....


If I wasn't clear in the third paragraph above... type... OR .... copy and paste that link I supplied into your browser address bar and then read the steps outlined there. Regards

Sounds good! Just remember to let your console format your flash drive. X-Box has priority formatting and is not compatible with any other machine. All DLC for X-Box will have the proper configuration so it should work as Geddyme says.

Somewhere on this official Xbox site is an info page for where to get specific updates you could put onto a USB stick to update with.

Personally I've never used that technique, as cross using a USB stick from PC to console can get tricky, and usually leads to losing content.


Anyway, before I had internet, I would find someone who had internet at their house and ask to hook up my system just to get updates for all my games.

Also, if you have a smartphone, or know someone with one, it's internet can give a strong enough connection for the patches, but not for anything big like game downloads or online play.