Has any body have trouble with the car assist after update .... It's like it's over kill now the cars don't drive right... Cars don't turn left or right sometimes ... Before the update it was working... I really don't know what is going on . Just wanted to know if anybody else was having problem after update.

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I noticed that with the brake assist. Now the accelerator is real glitchy coming out of turns. I would have to keep reapplying the accelerator trigger a few times for it to actually work again. It was not that bad before the update.

Have you guys checked your assist settings? Could these issues be related to assisted steering and/or braking being turned on?

Yeah that's the problem.... before the update everything was ok. Now, with the brake assist on even after the turn going into the straight away the accelerator is none responsive. I have to keep reapplying the trigger before it respond. I use the brake assist depending on my mood and when I don't feel like fighting the curves. Now since the update, the assist feature is not really an assist but a hassle.