has anyone get the forza 5 new update yet major said sometime early this week


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No and my muliplayer seems broke :(

major nelson you lier

The update is live but it caused me to have to do a hard reboot on my console.  It seems to be installing fine now.

I have not gotten any notice about an update and I did play last night.

Sorry my bad/ seems it came out late last night my time so I never noticed it.

How can you tell if you've gotten the update? I just put the disc in and I don't have any kind of notification or any kind of progress bar to show an update is being applied.

When I logged into my Xbox (which downloaded the update automatically since I use the Instant On functionality) there was a notification showing that the update was downloaded and ready to launch.


An easy way to check in the game is by checking the prices of the expensive cars. For example, if the '62 Ferrari GTO is still 6 million credits - then the update hasn't been applied. If the price of that car is down to 1.8 million - you've got the update.

@BwA yea I checked the prices after I posted and they are correct. Must have downloaded while I was off. :)