Update Released today for Killer Instinct?

So I turn off my xbox one and notice my internet is kinda slow,  so i look over at my X1 network light on my router and its flashing like crazy.   Booted up my xbox one, went to the my games and apps and noticed KI says "Installing"  Considering the games been fully installed since last friday this is clearly a Title Update being downloaded.   Has there been any details on whats being added/fixed or changed?


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"The first Killer Instinct patch on Xbox One is expected to go live today. This update addresses a few of the errors, and bugs that some players have been experiencing.

This patch comes as roughly a 3GB download, and you can find the list of fixes it will implement below, provided by Double Helix Games' community manager, FilthieRich.

-Marketplace fixes for Shadow Jago

*Both Jago and Shadow Jago unlocked achievements and fight titles properly.

-Fix for an unbreakable combo set up using instinct mode.

*After activating instinct mode, you will no longer be able to immediately AUTO-DOUBLE from the Instinct Cancel. Instead, players will now have to do an OPENER to continue their combo.

-Fix for several cases where users’ save data was getting reset

There are reports that some players have already downloaded this update, however, based on the information we have, it is unknown whether or not this is an automatic update or something you'll manually have to download."

I think i'm actually having difficulty with this update.  1st my connection timed out and Iw asn't sure why, so it ried to power down the system thent ried again.  Well, was able to resume install, but i have  new problem and have no idea if the install eevr finished because id ecided, why not watch some TV whuile waiting, figuring maybe a pop-up would tell me it's done, except It seems I'm stuck on the TV in full.  I go to say XBox Go Home, the command pops up fine as if it confirmed the command, but won't go back, so now I have absoutely no idea what to do or what went wrong.  Anyone else have anything like this happen during the update?  Right now my system isn't connected, I direct connect, so I'll probably be back and forth to see what info I can find, but leave a reply back if you ahve any info.

Ehh....OK everyone envermind that last post.  i left it for a bit, unplugged the HD cable box HDMI, plugged it back n since it made no difference, I'm not sure what went wrong but it looks like everything is fine now.  Man Is wear I thought I was like semi bricked, I freakin gpanickjed!  This is just absolutely freaking terrible!  Last time I bother to try that again (putting Tv in full or anything elsde whikle a DL is in progress) for a while, at least until a better update comes along, if we're ever informed of 1, that is.... what a nightmare!