update for Borderlands 2


Gearbox has issued a new update for Borderlands 2 on Xbox 360 yesterday to fix the 'Graveyard' issue.

The Graveyard virus, which affects those playing Borderlands 2 online, replaces save files with an infected one, rendering characters useless and not allowing players to respawn. It stems from a hacked version of hardcore mode.

But the virus is thought to have subsided as a new update has been issued by Gearbox for the Xbox 360. The PC and PS3 editions were not affected.

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So they fixed this?

Also quick question i will only be affected if i die or will i be affected right away as soon as they join my game?

The player was only affected upon dying.  Having not been affected by this, I can't say if this fixes characters that were already infected, or if it just keeps new characters from being infected.  Perhaps someone that had an infected character can clarify that for us.

guy i was playing with last night would main menu upon dying he does not anymore

Was just making sure cause the other day i had a level 500 join my game, i left the game right away. Don't have many friends that play this game I wanna play public but be able to avoid this infection.

Hopefully shouldn't have any issue with it now.  If you have died since the 500 joined and didn't go all wonky and hit the main menu instead of respawning you should be fine.  If you are looking for people to play with so you don't have to run public games you can ask around here on the forums, or try the gearbox forums.  Pretty sure you can find some like minded players to run the game with you.

I would think it would be more beneficial for Gearbox to write a patch to disable any account with a character level over 50. That would prevent the graveyard virus from even being an issue. Then as new DLC comes out and the level cap is increased they can just adjust the patch to accomodate the new level cap.

Setting up a patch to disable those characters would have done nothing to effect the graveyard save.  I agree that there is no use for them, but that wouldn't have solved the problem.  It stemmed from a bit of code left over in the game that allowed someone to turn on an alternate "Hardcore" mode essentially.  Someone that was modding their save file found this code, turned it on, and, knowingly or not, infected other peoples games that they played with.  For some reason the code would activate in anyone's game that played with someone in that mode.  The only way to fix it was to release a patch that turned it off, and kept it from being automatically turned back on when faced with the scenario described above.  At least that's what I gathered from reading up on it.