update did what?

did update anyone have a list of what all this fixed


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Cant seem to find an official breakdown.

The only thing I heard was that they patched some of the glitches on outpost. I guess if you get in the tanker truck you die instantly.

Thats something I have to give credit to treyarc for always keeping us up to date on the patches on the cod website.

I see robert bowling gives out some info on his twitter account ....... but its limited info. And why should we have to go to twitter when cod has an official website?

Atleast they trying... I think....

There is no statement from IW reguarding what the patch addressed. As Tired pointed out Treyarc where great from letting the community know what was being worked on. Everytime they did a patch they put a tread out on the Call of Duty website. I did read somewhere that they where working on the spawns.