update coming to cod 4

not sure when but it was announced on the IW site there will soon be an update to this game


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Last week, almost everyday, there was an update. If you didn't accept the update, you would be signed out. Don't know what all those updates were for. It didn't seem to keep the hackers, modders and other scumbags from playing.......

no its just been announced on the official IW website..they are working on it lol

i think ur a troll.

As far as I can find there are only talks about a possible update. Not sure what for, but we can only hope that if they do make an update it patches these mods and infections... at least for a while to get some good old fashion fun time again.

lol well its not likely it will be released open source but with all the hackers on COD they might as well ;)

I did notice that it mostly started with usb support (soft profile saved games mod ???) and once PS3 network was down,another option is they are ex xbox PS3 players P'd off cus they get the DLC's last LOL

well robert bowling announced on the 28th of may. its been 2 months now so i just dont care any more. iw and treyarch are never getting my money again. F U COD