update bricking my console and can't play Gears3

So I fired up my console today for first time in a month or so and prompted to update.  I do so then it comes up with a long status code and states to unplug HDD and plug back in while power is on.  I do the console reboots and loads update.  I load Gears3 and get an update.  In about 15 mins of playing it freezes 4 times.  I haven't gotten past the ship deck where the chopper lands.  So I call support and after some testing they say it needs to be repaired at my cost.  So let me get this right, YOUR firmware update, which is forced on me if I want to play online is knowingly bricking my console.  Yet you want me to pay out of my pocket to have your problem repaired to play your game I just spent $60 on. I'm at no fault and need my console repaired, now I'm stuck with a game I can't play.  I need some resolution or refund of the game I can't play.  Obviously BestBuy wont refund since it's open.  I have no problems like this on my PS3 and this is what I get for trying to play a game.  Not to mention this is my 4th console that's had to be repaired, isn't there some kind of lemon law for this?  Sony repairs bricked consoles due to software updates, why do I have to pay for something the manufacture has caused?  There was a wide spread issue of this when Halo Reach came out and consoles were repaired due to update.  This is obviously the same issue, so what does it take, thousands of angry customers before anything is done?  I have been looking forward to this game for so long and now this.  Support ref# 1162258438.


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