Upcoming patch release date?

So the latest patch got released to the PC community a few weeks ago, and the PS3 last week, and from what I've reas most people like it (plus it fixes alot of stuff) so is there any news on when its going to be released on the xbox community?


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The 13th.

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The 13th.



PS3 gets a 2Gb one tomorrow when Karkand hits.  So we should get our first one on the 12/13th.


Thing is that "patch" that is being released tomorrow for the PS3 isnt a patch, its all the new assets like guns, vehicles etc. that people who dont buy the DLC.  I mean how rubbish would it be if you go to play say Kharg Island and someone is using one of the new guns, but as far as you are concerned he is holding a totally black gun.  They wont be able to play the new maps, but they still need to be able to see the new guns, vehicles etc.

The patch will be required to play no matter if you buy the DLC or not. So the content will be on the xbox and they will probably have the part unlocked that allows them to see new guns.