The upcoming roster sounds interesting especially re-core, but I really wanna and hope to see YOOKA-LAYLEE which is NOT an exclusive although it should be. I do really enjoy 3d plat former adventure games and really wish that those type of games would come back hardcore. 

Microsoft has really done a great job of providing the xbox one with titles from all genres, but lack this one area of development and I don't know why. The popularity of that genre is a great investment in reference to development and to abstain from it is a big loss. I am speaking of quality platforme's though and not generic shovel ware we have seen in the past., and I am not speaking of infinity or the plain jane skylander titles. No offense to those whom like those titles.

i would like too see remastered rebooted banjo games along with a batch of new titles that are released yearly by various devs with the highest quality in mind on all build fronts. 


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Buy rare replay....conker,banjo 1+2,thats how im gettin my platformer fix for now