Unrecognizable disc


Just bought FC3 today but I get a unrecognizable disc error when trying to play the game. (error code 03-57-00). My xbox is old but plays other games just fine. 

What is the problem? Is there anyway I can download the game when I have bought a physical copy?

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Here's my input on the matter. I've had the Xbox Elite for years, and over those years, the disc drive was going to brake soon. I had many games that would read, and others that completely wouldn't. I could play Battlefield 3 and some other game titles, but the ones that wouldn't work were Far Cry 3, GTA, Black Ops 1 and some others. When months passed after when it first started having problems with those discs, more started to not work either in the months to come. I eventually got the new Xbox Slim and the discs that couldn't read were perfectly readable. The disc drives are the first things to mostly go on the 360s. Happened to every Xbox 360 I've ever owned.

Dr.Parabola is probably right.I had 2 elites do this to me.It seemed to happen after I watched alot of dvds in my xbox.The disc drive is going bad.