Unreal Speed?

Im not the one to point fingers and call hacker. I just want to know if anyone else has run into this there have been a few people i have ran into while playing that just seem way too fast. Like i could have lightwieght pro and marathon pro and they will fly by me in ghost or scavenger. Its not connection either well it could be i have broadband cable and i know there is fiber optic getting around that would be faster i just hope thats the explanation. Watching someone speed through the map and kill you with 2 shots. I just hope im not looking at the future of some hacks that have been imbedded and its lag. We played 5 games with this party and a couple of them every match had like super speed given the benefit of the doubt i know people are good this just seemed like something more any one else seen this?


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Speed also depends on what kind of gun you're holding, Pistols, SMGs, and Snipers all have the fastest movement where Assault Rifles are a little slower and LMGs are the slowest.


Also, record some on theater and upload to youtube.

Ya know, Blk Ops has Theater Mode... 

I personally have never seen this happen before.