Unplayable Online

I am lucky if I finish a match online for the past two days, constantly getting game lost and extreme lag. Game desynchronised etc etc.

I went from 1 disconnection on my stat to 13 in only one day and I keep losing when disconnected for some strange reason. Before I never had this problem I play VS without lag and disconnections. It is really ruining the game for me :(

Is anyone else experiencing this terrible online problem?


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It's happened to me a bunch of times, and made me lose my 6 win streak on ranked in the process. Being that I'm average at this game, keeping a win streak going is rather difficult for me. I've since opened my NAT settings and set it to OPEN, but haven't tried online since Kenshi came out. I mostly stick to private KotH matches with friends when I play online nowadays.

Having your NAT open won't help you. Online is just trash. Stick to offline or playing with your friends My best experiences in KOTH are with friends that will give you respect points.

I still  get dysnched like every other match, even after I  "redownload history"

Yea got 27 disconnects on ranked and 29 player plus due to lag it messes up my combo timing bad so I stick to safe combos and look like a scrub lol I do a 17 percent damage instead of the 35 and up I get off constantly offline I'm sure it's screwed me out of matches lol