Unlocking Vinyl groups

   Is it possible to sell vinyl groups as unlocked or to unlock them for someone after they purchase them?  Someone asked me to unlock one of my pieces but I am unaware of how to do this or if it is even possible.


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You can only send someone an unlocked vinyl group if you've created the vinyl group from scratch, or someone has sent you an unlocked group.

There is no way of unlocking a locked group.

If you place a group or design onto your store front, they will always be bough as locked by the buyer.


That clears it up, thank you.

Honestly as a painter id be leary of unlocking any designs period ..but thats just me.

how come my designs are ending up all over the place when i HAVENT sold it to anyone unlocked??? i keep messaging people about how they got it and they all say the made it. LMAO also ive had cars go missing from the auctionhouse with designs on i didnt want to sell unlocked. im getting rather peed off with this and if it keeps happening i wont be buying forza 4!!!!!! turn 10 sort it out pretty please. Oo Celtic FC oO is the latet person to argue and threaten me over a design I made, pretty stupid and pathetic really.

Are you guys selling these for real cash? Why bother threatening someone over them. I'd love to deconstruct some of these just to see how they're made. Quite impressive. Other than a couple I have up to get the achievement for selling something, all my stuff is free. I'd be flattered to see someone copy my design.