unlocking third roaches faction stronghold

I took a long break from playing this game and now I can't remember what I need to do to "unlock" the third faction stronghold for the roaches faction.  I have beat all three from the other two groups and have beaten the first two for the roaches.  Also, I currently don't have any of the roaches missions to do... any help?


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PS - I am not in mercenary mode yet, still waiting to do this before finsing the last mission.

Check your map. There should be a star icon somewhere on there for the stronghold mission.

just start blowing up stuff and gaining chaos. i did that from the start and after i got bored with that i did takeovers one after another im pretty sure i have all missions open to me.

ya i've heard its a pretty common glitch for a star to not show up. simple solution, really. just do one of the gang quests and that should solve it.