Unlocking Silverback question??

I know you're supposed to spend 170K on barriers.  Last week I had spent 38K on them.  All night I bought barriers.  I bought them, I fixed them, I upgraded them.  I must have spent at least another 30K on them, probably a lot more.  I look at my stats and it only went up 12K to 50K total.  What gives??  Do you only get credit for upgrades?  Is it just the initial purchase?  It seems to me the total money spent purchasing/upgrading/repairing is not being counted.  What's the best plan to get the Silverback unlocked?  How should I be spending my coin?


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My barriers are at lvl 6 at the moment.  Doing what Mono suggested and only upgrading Barriers for now.  Once I max out barriers I do Decoy (lvl2) or Turrents (lvl 2) and max those out.  And so on...

If you finish a round with an undamaged barrier, try fragging or boomshotting it so you can repair it that turn.

It unlocks when your barriers reach level 7. When you are exiting horde (or any other mode for that matter) always use the start button's exit to menu option. Powering off your console while in-game, or exiting to the dash from in-game will not record your progress.

If you keep working on the barriers, you should unlock it eventually. What I find effective is to stick to one type of upgrade per game. Rather then building turrets, sentries, barriers, and decoys, fixing them and etc. Work on barriers for a game or two - build them, repair them, upgrade them, and rebuild. Try doing the same method on decoys till around level 3, turrets to level 2, and sentries to about level 4. Make barriers your main concern though and you should get to the highest level pretty quickly if you play Horde 2.0 a lot, also try playing public games rather than private. Good luck, sir!