unlocking pro perks

Is there any way to unlock the pro version of perks with a prestige token. Ideally I want to unlock recon pro. The recon perk is available straight from the off, so what happens if you use a token on it. Will it give you the pro version.


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Sorry no.  Luckily there are still things that need to be earned.


You want assassin, don't you?

Recon pro is fairly easy to get. I've been able to get it within 2 matches before. An easy way to do it is just toss flashbangs where you know people are and then either try and kill them, or kill them, then kill yourself to get more flash or stuns. A good way to get it fast is in groundwar games. You can usually mark 2+ people at once per flash/stun. Given enough time, you can easily unlock it.

^^Same here. Unlocked in usually 2 or 3 games.

There is nothing wrong with unlocking Assassin, I did on my other account. When you have 1-2 people using portable baby monitors and you have no counter to until level 55 (I think) then it's a god send. Yes Sitrep will highlight equipment to give you a heads up but imo it's a waste of a perk unless it's pro.

Depends on the gametype. I can see it useful for S&D or demolition/sabotage for making sure you're not about to step on a mine before winning the game. For TDM type games, I see where it's uselessness would come into play.

Why take Recon? The only one I'd take would be Extreme Conditioning, I'd say, though I still wouldn't actually be picking it until I'd burnt just about everything else with a token.

Yeah Recon would be waste when you have a perfectly good default class "first recon" that ump with rapid fire is a decent gun. I always seem to get good ks' out of the care package on that class too, it may just be in my head though idk.