Unlocked characters and data missing?

So I beat story mode and some challenge tower fights at my friend's house on his Xbox, but when I bought the game yesterday the characters I unlocked (Quan-Chi and Cyber Sub-Zero) were gone and my Challenge Tower progress was reset.

If I bought a USB over to my friend's house and transferred the data attached to my Gamertag from his Xbox to my Xbox, would it work?


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Well, you did those things on his 360, not yours. I'm not surprised it's not there for you. If you had your gamertag signed in while doing those, a save transfer might work but I don't know for certain. If you were signed into his profile then it won't.

Well it was all on my profile, its just that I thought it would carry over, kind of like how Call of Duty and Halo save data transfers from console to console.

Well, the only to try is to transfer the data then.  Not all games have had the save feature like that, but I understand why you would think it. I think transferring the data might work, so long as it isn't corrupt or deleted by your friend. No real idea, to be honest.

I think I'll be fine on that then, he barely deletes stuff and he still has Halo 2 stuff on there even though he doesn't have Halo 2 anymore.

If it was on your profile was it on your hard drive? The hard drive stores the memory not the gamertag.

Alright, USB transfer worked, thanks.