Unlimited money beting tossed at me when I don't want it

When I first killed a person with a bounty I thought I was seeing the screen incorrectly.  I went to deposit the funds AND IT WAS 80million instead of 8 thousand.  I thought Rockstar was doing a Christmas bonus until people in rooms kept giving money away to me.  I DON'T WANT IT and can't stop them from giving money.  This has ruined the game for me.  ROCKSTAR HEADS UP AND FIX THIS ***.


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buy a tank and have fun...

Withdraw it on another character and delete it if you're confident you don't want it.

If I were you, I would buy everything you need, then get rid of the money, no point in having it if you don't know what to do with it

I'm going to wait until they fix this then build a new character.

i also happened to be in the same lobby as an money glitcher,razor.something,gave me a total of 550 000 000gta$

i play gta v on my ps3,which means i have the same problem at a different platform...

Join the club One Crazy Ladie. You can make a second character. Take your too much money and deposit it into your bank account. Characters share the bank account. So then switch to 2nd character and withdraw all the money. Due to your amount this may take a while as you can only deposit 1 million at a time.  Once you are done you can then delete that character and the money along with it. I like your style look me up if you wanna play some clean, private room GTA.