Unknown killers Recruiting BF3 Players And game leaders.

uKz is a fresh new clan looking to fill the roster with mature,competitive and casual players that are 16+.If you are interested in playing with a team that has a founder with a strong competitive background on PC and xbox but also love to just be casual then please take a few mins and read what i got to offer.


I started gaming when i was 15 years old on my PC and when I was about 23 Jumped on to the console scene.I have competed at a professional level on games like Counter strike,Day of defeat and Call of duty. With that being said I have loads of experience in gaming. Now I am a working husband and father that simply loves to play video games in my free time and want to find player to join me.


My mission with this team is to create a fun gaming enviroment for all player no matter what race, *** or religious background you come from. I also want to support anyone wanting to take their skills to the next level with game battles or other competition sites by sharing my knowledge. I have a one year plan for this team and  I will list some of my goals below.

1. Recruit 20 members

2.Become active in 3 games while hiring 2 more team leaders.

3.Start hosting in clan competitions such as graphics,videos and game for prizes such as microsoft points and Kontrol freeks.



So if you are looking for a clan that will not get over crowded and will actually feel like a family then please visit www.oku.enjin.com I am still working on the site so bare with me..All you have to do is submit a applicatio  and wait for approval. 


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