Unkempt Harold

I have plenty of legendaries that I'm willing to duplicate. I would like in return for a level 50 double penetrating unkempt harold.


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I might have sold that gun. ill check hit me up with a party when you can.

I have a double unkempt harold. I'm using it. You can't have it.

Since you don't have one lvl 50 character the one that you're using would be crap to us. Though I bet you don't even have a Harold or any other weapon that you're spamming in other threads. Yes, many people don't like duping but that's no reason to spam this forum or its theads. Just go play the game and stop acting like a child. Or you can go over to the gearbox forums so you don't have to see all the threads asking for stuff. There are some pretty nice discussions over there. Though you're just a troll and I'm just feeding you just what you want.


OP I have one that I don't use anymore, just hit me up when you're online and you can have it.

ive been trying to get ahold of him no dice so far.