Universe Mode, Help.

I am having trouble with creating storylines in Universe mode, I have no idea what today's remarkable match is? it usually never means anything. I took the rock off the RAW and Smackdown roster yet he still shows up in "Todays remarkable match" on the RAW brand? Its driving me crazy. And at the royal rumble my united states champ was evan bourne, yet the PPV match was Ziggler Vs Dibiase? Yeah this sucks and its getting boring.


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ok with the Rock, what did you assign him to,   wcw, free agent or what,   cause if he is a free agent,  Corey from THQ already said that people will randomly show up if they are free agents, you have to assign them to like wcw and ecw your own made up one... also when you assign them to that, you have to clear out their allies and rivals, because if they have anyone listed in those areas they will also show up in your universe mode so make sure that its empty..

If anyone is having difficulty obtaining this achievement, just edit Superstars into your own personal show.

I've been having this issue with Demolition and LOD randomly having Title matches in my Universe. It's been rectified.

all my tag teams have stuck to tag team matches, cept for when Animal turned on Hawk after they beat demolition.. and then Animal decided to show Hawk what he thought about him,, they feuded for like the next four weeks on raw lol