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To my knowledge, this is the first zombie game to include a bitten by infected makes you infected feature.  Other RE games have dabbled with being poisoned and having to find an antidote, but I like that this game makes you have to fight not only for survival, but also for an antidote before the zombie bites you.  Kudos on this gameplay element


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Even more fun is the ability to either put down an infected player or cure them if you have an antiviral on hand. Healing others is also neat.

I'm requesting here and now that you two be quiet....yes, I'm still at work and the extra medication I gave my clients only made them all the more hyper.

There was a previous R E game that had that sistem... Outbreak . Hell you were exposed to the virus already, if you lay down the infection would grow faster.

I love this sistem, now if we could do something about the MP lag

Yeah, Outbreak was okay. The only problem was the zero communication in it. You couldn't talk to anybody even if you wanted to. I haven't had any lag problems yet, though. I did have a nasty run in with Mr. X on a rooftop while we were trying to assess our situation. We killed him, but our victory was short lived considering that the enemy saw and heard all the gunfire going on and came up right after to try and dwindle the rest of us down. We made it, though!

I loved outbreak man and outbreak file 2.  Those were solid online survival horror games...Pretty freaky too I was only like 14 when they came out.