unique commentary ideas?

i want to start a gaming channel on YT. i know its hard to get noticed on there so i waqnt to do something unique. only problem is im not that creative. any help is appreciated i have most of the big name games so i can do a variety of videos. i have a dazzle to

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You're not creative enough to think of your own commentary ideas? Oh dear...

On a lighter note, video tape yourself facerolling on the controller and see how well you do. If you go positive, I'd watch that any day.

try something like this http://youtu.be/evR5vHfhLCg

thats not a bad idea but you got no clue on how awful i am at any strategy game. i got my @@@ handed to me on a silver platter playing the tom clancy end war demo :(

Commentate on Real Time Strategy games.

Way more interesting than a First Person Shooter.

But that's just my opinion so it's not worth much.