Unique Achievements

Ok, so this is just an odd thought from me. 

**Minor Spoiler**

During the campaign, there's a part where you're supposed to kill guards to prevent them from blowing a warning horn.  Being the kind of person who has to push the button, during my first campaign I killed the guard and immediately proceeded to blow the horn myself. 

While I got some sense of satisfaction out of being pointlessly brazen in my approach to the chapter, was I the only one who was disappointed that there wasn't a minor achievement for it?  I half-expected a little icon to pop up with something like "Toot Your Own Horn - 10"

Anyway, just my thought.  That would of amused me more than a 50 point achievement for killing a random player online.


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Yeah that would have been nice

I blew the horn while playing co-op online, my teammates were pissed lol