Unicorn car achievement

I've checked the auction house a few times recently but it never has any unicorns listed. Any ideas on how to get the achievement?

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The Mugen gifted by Turn 10 this holiday season is a Unicorn car. Once you download the gift you will unlock the achievement.

^ That takes VIP (limited edition) status. Everyone else received only the DB5. Auction house is not the way, photo comps and game with developers is. -I think there is one going on right now.... [stay informed through Facebook and the Forza Motorsports FM4 forum]

^ It's 5 - 7 PM PST tonight. I can't tell you how to locate them in the online hoppers, but try the Forza facebook page. If you are confused by what to do, there are questions regarding Game with Developers on the FM forum general questions.  Facebook is the best place to go to find where to look for anyone with a turn 10 logo in online hoppers tonight. good luck, I did an FM3 transfer for my few, and that's all I want.

i got given two turn 10 unicorn cars over xmas,

If you have a profile from Forza 3 and import it into Forza 4, this achievement will unlock so long as you have an Unicorn car to unlock with it.

If you bought the VIP pack in Forza 3 (which has the 2007 Ferrari 430 Scuderia, 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera), and bought one of those cars (which are now unicorn in Forza 4), then when you do the profile import the achievement should unlock.