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I was playing Earlier on my second go through.. Close to the part where you start the darkness and i decided to do "The Voice" Understone Add-On Quest And I got to the city and i talk to the man blah blah blah... i go to the elevator and it takes me up and i get out and the door closes and locks and i walk onto the wood platform thingy were i was expecting those dead skeleton thingys and instead i get a effin blue electricity fence... Ive tried everything and the skeletons dont apear. the blue electricity field will NOT go away and i cant get in the elevator soo im stuck in this spot... can somebody please please help me i dont wanna have to redo the game over i already finished as a nice guy and this was supposed to be my bad guy and i get stuck on a stupid quest i decided to do to waste time. Thank you to whoever helps me. if i have anything in the game you need you can have it if you help me out. Thanks for reading.


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There seems to have alot of problem glitches with this add on. I had to start again after playing the wheel of misfortune for the second time. I got stuck in the room and couldn't fast travel out of it plus I couldn't get the shooting range at the mercenary camp to work. So I'm not bothering with those areas again as they are not pertainent to the main quest and there are no achievements attached to them.

Sorry, I did'nt answer your question did I. If you can't fast travel out of there then you will have start again.

I've done this add on about 3 times now and I've never had any problem, but yes you should pass through several electric fence areas before you finish the quest and each one has more Skeleton men and other things.  

Thank you pezzer and thank you Bright... i kinda assumed their should of been dead skeletons just wished i didnt wait till the end of the game to do the quest but oh well. Do you get anything specificaly from the Understone Town That you cant get in the main townabove ground? or is it all the same?

Nothing unique to the area, but if you buy houses on your first time down there and rent them out, when you go back the value and the rent increases.