under the map glitch

Game mode freight some guy kept killing me look at kill cam and he was under the map...


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Do you speak like to everyone am letting everyone know...tut

^^They did something like that to "glitches" in MW3. If you climbed inside the tanker truck or whatever glitch, you would automatically die. I like the long 3 minute addition idea thing too.

I've seen that and I've even been under the map myself by accident while exploring whats accessible.


Basically, if you climb up the letter on the back of the warehouse the side with all the wooden logs. Just strafe from the edge of the ladder to the roof. Once there you've got an amazing camping spot.


As for getting out of the map... from the roof just walk or jump off the side the the roof. You'll end up under the map!


Every time  Freight now comes up I either vote for the other map or leave the lobby.

They need to put an iron spike in the jump off zones, have it take 3 mins to die as punishment ;)

Yep, Killed beneath the map myself last night, It seems everyone knows about this now. Maybe IW are focussing on the ps4/xb1 versions too much and leaving us current Gen plebs in the dark ;)

This game needs multiple patches

Thanks for your info but not sure what anyone could do with it?

However, haven't come across a game mode "Freight"


Every year there are problems with maps... they get fixed over time.

so use the in game reporting system, change lobbies and move on....

I only play freight if its war game

thats such a shame as freight is one of my fav maps... I shall be more careful with it now.

Its on YT,Every kid will know how to do it.