Under Saarthal glitch?

I took a wrong turn early on in Under Saarthal and didn't meet Arniel, instead I found the amulet and did the rest of the quest, including killing that hard SoB draugr. Once done, I went back the College of Winterhold to tell the Arch Mage and was unable to find him. Is this because I didn't find Arniel and the other artifacts? And if I go back and find them will it sort the problem?


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I don't think the number of artifacts matter, my first play of that quest I missed one ring and it didn't affect anything. Arniel is easy to miss but just points you to the right spot. He shouldn't matter but then neither should Dirge and he did. The arch mage is always someplace. When Toldir sends you back to the college the arch mage should be sitting in a chair in his quarters upstairs in the Hall of Elements. Did you flag the quest in your journal to see where he was? Since you didn't hit every point he might be someplace else. The other common place to find him is in the courtyard by the statue. BTW the artifacts are 2 rings plus the amulet, use the flag in your journal to find them in the shadows on the floor. Starting again should sort it out if the arch mage is truly missing.

Thanks for the advice Lady B, I eventually made my way back to the college and found the Arch Mage straight away. Not sure if it was a glitch or just operator error, doh!!!