Under Review. WHY

I am a really Fm3 and Fm4 Nerd. I make all of my vinyls and designs my self, but now I am under review, and risk a ban, I tried for 2 months to get turn10 to write me a email back when it happend in forza3 but they did not do anything. Except BAN me. This ruining a big part of the game for me because I like to hear what people thinks of my stuff. So my question is, is there anything to do, and is there anywhere I can find guidelines for what will bring you under review, I know no drugs, racisme, nudity and so on. But my vinyls aint showing anything like that but still getting banned.

I tried microsoft live support but he didn't answer anything. I tried forzamotorsport.net but still no answer. And tried Emailing forza but NO ANSWER came back. NOTHING.   SOMEBODY HELP please.!!!!


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What vinyls are you putting up? Are you using inappropriate vinyls in a race (even if you're not selling them)? In FM3, people were getting banned even if they had vinyls on Their car that were still inappropriate from people filing reviews and from watching replays.

All someone has to do is complain. And if it has a girl or a leaf in it... Ban. That simple.

I have just had a vynal go under review as well which I admit was inappropriate. I tried to remove it but can't and I'm not sure if this is the reason but now my drag times for my B A and S class fastest cars will not be recorded. Can someone help me to remove my vynal or explain if this would be the cause. I admit I was in the wrong but did not mean to offend with what I posted. Please help... Thanks

Youre probably using cheap cars that flooded the boards.... And caused a wipe.

I'm sorry I don't understand. I'm using the record holding cars. Dodge dart fairlane coronet.

Ok. Just got on had a race and beat a slower time of mine in a slower car than the dart. Time went up no problem. Use the dart which is tuned to a top 1% time nothing just keeps the same time already posted.

[quote user="CORTY 393 CLEVO"]I'm sorry I don't understand. I'm using the record holding cars. Dodge dart fairlane coronet[/quote]

From what im led to belive there has been some form of issue with regards to some record holding cars, the Dodge Dart and Superbee being two that im aware of. Im not sure if its a clitch issue as the times of these cars are way quicker than any other car in there class!! I have sent a message to turn 10 and so far I have not had a reply, all I do know at the moment is that the times for these cars are not being posted!

Thanks secker77 for the reply. Glad it's not just me but very annoying. Appreciated

No problem! I have just got off the turn 10 website and it apperars it is a PI clitch. Turn 10 are aware of it and are trying to rectify the issue. Untill the issue is resolved times for these cars will not be posted!