Undead Overrun

I purchased the Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare DLC and am unable to find the co-op Undead Overrun. I also have the actual game disc for Undead Nightmare, but when using the XBOX Live multi-player option, it puts me into regular RDR, not a zombie in sight...so please help me figure out how to find the Undead Overrun mission! I am fairly new to XBOX Live and really want to explore all of the amazing things that come with it. Thank you!


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While in free roam, pull up your onscreen menu, and Undead Overrun is mixed in with the other listed side games to choose from.

There is only one MP mode in Undead Nightmare and that's Undead Overrun. There is no Undead freeroam. Which is too bad I think.

yea i agree it would be awesome to play in a multiplayer type setting while zombies are roaming all around and trying to attack you.

Hi their, I'll be helping you out today. So as far as the game play and for the DLC, I have played them both and their are two sets of the game but it is somewhat hard to find it. Now as far as the free rome lol part