Undead Nightmare - Undead Sharpshooter 4

** This is the one where you have to kill all four zombie types in one Dead Eye meter.



I am having quite a time with this one. I have heard two good areas are El Presidio and then Jorge's Gap where there are dozens walking around.

I never see a bolter in El Presidio and never see a Retcher in Jorge's Gap.

I was thinking one strategy might be to go to Jorge's Gap, go into Dead Eye and use the Explosibe Rifle over and over until you got the right combination of kills -- but I am just not seeing any of those green Retchers.

Any help is appreciated!


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Use a weapon with as many shots as possible (mauser has 15 shots), and start dead eye with a full meter.  I would recommend doing it during one of the "town under attack" scenarios or during a graveyard cleansing as those very regularly spawn a full variety.  If you can run around without shooting for a bit you can get a nice little zombie parade going. Rather than trying to pick out one of each type in deadeye, I just drilled as many as I could in the head with one clip until I got it.   Like a lot of my RDR achievements, I set up a save point before starting so I could re-load and try again right away if I didn't get it.  Good Luck!

An added tip, use either normal or expert targeting, so the reticule doesn't stick to one Zombie.

The North gate at El Presidio is where I got it.

El Presidio has all four types. Gotta kill a few to get them to spawn.

Casual aim makes you go straight for head shots.

[quote user="Krayus Korianis"]

El Presidio has all four types. Gotta kill a few to get them to spawn.

Casual aim makes you go straight for head shots.


Yep.  I used the bait Landon Rickkets showed to kill them, then the 4 types spawn real good for shooting.

You can kill all 4 types with an explosive rifle or a cannon in el presidio.

I earned my achievement in El Presidio with the evens rifle.  I used deadeye on more than four targets. Plus the cannon is a great way to get deadeye back up if you do not get it right.

North Gate El Presido, climb the hill to the right, throw down bait let them all huddle round, fire up the dead eye and blaze  away. Try to get as many hits as possible on as many Zombies as possible so then nothing is left to chance. Also to make doubly sure put Phospherous coating on your bullet So if you miss the instant kill head shot they still die.