undead nightmare not getting achievements help

ok so i got to 80% of the game and realised i was missing some achievements from the missions, i then killed the chapacabra but didnt get the achievement, i then found the unicorn broke it in rode around for a while again no achievement, i then rang xbox and got told to try deleting my save so rang the helpline in the game case and got told to delete the cache and then my game save and that should work for the achievements well i started playing again and completed the mission Complete Cure For Most of What Ails You and Get Back in that Hole, Partner Survival Missions but didnt get the judge a man by the achievement so now i am confused can anyone help me get these achievements or give advice on what to do thanks in advance


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what you need to do it clear your system cache before you start the game, when then the game will update, and the achievements should work again.

These seems to be a common problem with RDR it happened to me and i've seen other talk about it.

Did you turn on any cheats?  You can't get achievements with any cheats enabled.