Und3rdoggy's 2nd Gears of War 2 Montage


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Most of the time people who posts montages here suck @@@ from what I've seen but this is pretty good. Lots of blindfire headshots and some supermans make it slightly interesting. You pretty much get a 1-2 kill then you fade it to the next clip which is pretty annoying seeing the same transition over and over. Its a nice montage but it'd be awesome to see some double torque headshots and maybe a on screen double with the sniper.  Triples and stuff like that would be nice too but the blindfires were pretty nice. You could add some more editing into the montage to make it slightly more interesting as well. Overall out of 10, I'd give you a 7. No editing, same fading effects, no triples and quads making it boring. You have some pretty sick blindfires and nice music syncing at some parts. Good luck in the future

pretty good but you should have used better music syncing pretty much what the guy about me said.

well i tried to focus on the syncing but i know there really isnt any editing because i taught myself how to edit.