Unbann my other account

My account NaStilOnited got banned for a day but it said nothing really bad such as something racist or a hate crime like all I'm asking Microsoft to stop banning people for the littlest things. An my other account gets unbanned at 2-14-2013 NaStilOnited, if one of you people from Microsoft read this message take this into consideration an stop banning people like send them a message an Xbox an tell them they have to do this or they get suspended, you know just do that to give people a warning an if they don't bann them

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When will people start reading the Terms of Use they agree to when signing up for XBL? OP be grateful you not banned until 12/31/9999. Put on your big boy underoos, and take it like true gamer.




Yes, Major wambulance moment if you can decipher the message

Did I read this right? Is this kid really here crying over a one day suspension?

Lucky it was only one day and not a perma-ban, imagine how he would react to that...

It's only a day. Use it as time to catch up on some of your single player.

The Enforcement team issues the suspensions after someone submits a complaint on a player who either broke the Code of Conduct or the Terms of Use. The suspension is issued only after the Enforcement team completes the investigation. They also send out an email letting the account owner know why a suspension has been issued.

You can post in the suspension forum (forums.xbox.com/.../41.aspx) to find out why you were suspended. A member of the enforcement team will only answer you if you post there.