unbalanced gameplay

Is it just me or the difficulty is just unbalance to a point that we hate the game for the insane time you will have on the "VERY EASY" setting. To make things wrost is there are very little heath and beds in the levels it seems that this was for pros rather then for normal gamers.


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I never played on anything lower than Normal.  It sounds like maybe you're venturing into areas that are too high for you level and equipment.  If you go straight from one main story-line quest to the next this can happen, you should slow down and do the side quests available in each area before moving on.  This game can be quite challenging your first time through as it is really tempting to move forward full steam ahead, but it is really designed for you to take your time and more or less complete an area before you move on.


Bethesda ruins is a great place to go early on.  The Raiders there respawn every 72 hours, so you can keep on going back there until you have decent equipment in good shape from them.

A great tip to making a good Wasteland worthy character is when you level up, only put points in the sections you're actually going to be using and specializing in. There's no sense in putting tons of points in Melee or Unarmed just to balance out all your categories if you're going to be using guns and never bothering with melee weapons. Avoid picking  perks that don't really build up your character at all. Don't bother with the "Bloody Mess" perk and things like that until later in the game when you're a higher level. At first the game seems overwhelming and it seems like you're constantly using the few Stimpaks you have and using up the little bit of ammo you've accumulated. But do side missions (the ones that score achievements) and you'll earn a bunch of XP plus new weapons and armor that'll help you. Trust me, it will get alot easier. it just takes time to build up some XP and round up some useful items. You'll have more Stimpaks, ammo and Caps then you'll know what to do with. I'll be honest, I had to turn the difficulty down a tad at a couple earlier levels to get by, but remember the higher the difficulty setting the more XP you'll earn from things like killing enemies and completeing missions.

Strive for the harder levels. More rewarding XP wise and challenging too. Early on inthe  game prior to level 10 resources will be limited. Play on very hard You can max a character in under 35 hours both SPECIAL and skills. Look for unique clothing to artficially boost  SPECIAL like pre war hats, the lucky shades to boost luck. They do help. Don't lose faith it's a great game to play. AS for slepping You can find free beds close to Megaton. SPringvale and down at the Super duper mart and under the bridge to the right of the store. Good luck

It's practical and beneficial to smell the roses in a Bethesda RPG.  Work every side quest you can.  I haven't had to turn the level down at all.  My share of restarts but it's doable.  Take your time bro. Enjoy.

Take the perk where you find more ammo in containers (Scrounger I think it is).  Look for Bobbleheads in general & especially those that that sinc with your TAG skills if possible.  I also tend to recommend the Toughness & Sniper perks for this Fallout.  Headshots save ammo for you & require less hits on the foe.  If they're in clustered groups & you've got some grenades, use them. 

Scrounger is on my personal list of useless perks, as is Fortune Finder (does the same thing but for caps instead of ammo), as it is just too easy to build up a huge stockpile of ammo without it.  It might be useful on a first play-through, but if you make sure your repair skill is high and you can easily tote tons of caps worth of gear from an outing and turn that into more ammo than you'll ever be able to use up.  I absolutely agree with everything else though.


Na,  I was like the OP;   After a certain point I had next to no ammo & everywhere I turned I saw either a Super Mutant or Centuar & frankly made me turn off the game & play other things for a long time (I almost didn't get FNV due to this).  I set it to Easy for a bit too until I got that (Scrounger) perk.  I also found where the Chinese remnants were hiding & got more then enough of their Assault Rifles which also helped immensely.   I do wish this game had the Jury Rigging perk,  as it is I've no way to repair the Chinese Stealth Armor if it gets damaged. 

Chinese Stealth Armor can be repaired with recon armor.  You don't see them a lot in shops, but you'll find one once in a while.  I always buy up any I see for this very reason.


A few pointers:  

Bethesda ruins are a great place to gather weaponry early on.  While the Raiders there won't carry the Chinese Assault Rifle, they will carry regular ones, and with a good repair you can put their stuff together and end up with decent armor.  You'll eventually have to replace everything you get from them, but the stuff is useful when your level is low.


*Spoilers below*


If you have The Pitt it can be completed at a very low level.  With one of my characters I came out of the Vault, got my Megaton home, then went straight to do Operation Anchorage, and from there went straight to The Pitt.  One of the rewards for completing The Pitt is the ammo press, which you can use to convert scrap metal and ammo that you don't use into ammo that you need (guns only, not for energy weapons).  If you're having a lot of trouble with ammo in the lower levels then I would advise doing something similar.  In both of those add-ons you don't get to use your own stuff, so no worries about how much ammo you have when you start them.


Keeping your weapons in good repair and having a high guns (or energy weapons) skill will both make sure you are maximizing your damage per shot, and thus minimizing the amount of ammo you need to use per enemy.


If you have the stealth armor then work on getting your sneak up high enough that the bonus from the armor boosts your sneak to 100+.  Once that happens you can usually sneak right up to enemies even in broad daylight.  If you have a decent melee weapon and skill level then you can kill a lot of enemies with a single sneak melee attack.  The really nice thing about this is that melee weapons are considered silent, so you can actually take out a whole series of enemies that way.  Just be careful not to bump into them or you may be spotted.  The shishkebab is excellent for this, especially if you have the pyromaniac perk, and you can get schematics for this weapon early on.  You'll have to build up a few caps first, depending on your barter skill, but Lucky Harith sells one of the schematics for it and he appears outside Megaton periodically.


One more note:  If you have Operation Anchorage there is a glitch that you can exploit to gain massive amounts of ammo and some gear with extremely high HP, so they rarely require repairs.  Also, the Winterized T-51b power armor you receive at the end has almost 10 million HP, so you can wear it for a very long time before you can actually see its condition fall.  That doesn't help with ammo supply, but once you have it you will probably wear either the T-51b or Stealth Armor for the rest of the game.

Thank you guys for the tips and support.

meh! i play on very hard and its still too easy for me lol :P i do see what you mean though unless you know how to make a perfect character you will have a hard time ;P