Unable to Validate?

I downloaded the Crimson Map pack for free when it first came out. Today when I reach the main menu of halo 4 a box pops up that says "Unable to validate" Check to make sure xbox live is running and that you have a map pass. I made sure the Crimson map pack was still downloaded to my hard drive and it was. Does anyone know what in the world is wrong?!


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Read this FAQ, it details the problem you are having with a possible solution: forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst168245_Crimson-Map-Pack-Complimentary-Access--FAQ.aspx

Thank you so much! This answers my question. I didn't know it was a 14 day trial!

this post from 343i should help:


Basically they only let us play the Maps for like a week for a "Trial" and now we to get the Map Pack Season Pass or buy the Map packs individually. It sucks but that's how they play it.

If this happens in the future and you purchased the Map Pass and have all the Map Packs. Here is a solution.

I think I might have a solution. Follow these steps in order.

1. Delete your Map Packs and Map Pass from your Hard Drive.

2. Go to your Download History and re-download your Map Packs. Don't download your Map Pass yet.

3. Go to your storage and highlight your hard drive. Press Y to go the device options for hard drive.

4. Reset your Xbox Cache.

5. Boot up Halo 4 and select your hard drive.

6. If you purchased a Map Pass, re-download it from the Xbox Live Marketplace on Halo 4.

7. You should see no errors after these steps have been completed.

If your still getting errors, please reply back. Hope this helps.